NBA’s relaxed sneaker rules is Good (Burger)

The NBA has relaxed the rules on sneaker colors than can be worn during games. Montrezl Harrell has taken full advantage.

While those reflective Yeezy’s won’t be seen in the NBA Finals, the NBA court has become the place to peacock the newest and wildly customized kicks. Some players are going above and beyond the rim and court to rock their styles. Some players even change shoes multiple times a game.

Not every NBA player can transcend the game like Lebron. Others are just bustin’ hump trying to stay in the NBA or earn a few more minutes. But there are other ways for the background cast to the NBA’s star can get noticed.

Montrezl Harrell came into the season with big shoes to fill. DeAndre Jordan left the Clippers, opening the way for Harrell to showcase his skills. And he had to do so in style. So far, he has been even better than Jordan ever was in the Lob City days. Averaging 16.6 points and 7.4 rebounds a game this season, Harrell is doing many things to make folks take notice.

Montrez Harrell is may not lead the ESPN promo’s like Steph Curry but he is the bold above the fold sneaker headline most every night he plays. Harrell, with the LA Clippers, went off for 23 points and 10 rebounds in a pair of “Good Burger” custom Air Jordan XIII Retros. These Harrell adored customs featured the Good Burger logo and portrait of its stars, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

Harrell’s always changing up the look, going to the Jordan’s after featuring several of Iverson’s Reeboks last week. Harrell’s sneaker head ways are just another way  of expressing his fun sided nature, while his twitter has all the makings of a soft hearted dad wishing his kids were at every game.

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The rest of his down time during the NBA season is simple, depending on your answer to Harrell question. Not his Dress Code Reebok Questions but…