Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum's new Jordan Brand shoe colorway gets mixed fan reaction

Fans were quick to kick the Celtics star while his team was down in Game 2 of the 2024 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

In Game 2 of their first-round playoff series against the Miami Heat without Jimmy Butler, Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics were focused on securing another victory against their Eastern Conference rivals, just as they had in Game 1. Tatum started the second playoff game on a high note, scoring 28 points throughout the night. Impressively, 14 of those points were scored in the early part of the game.

Game 2 was also significant for Jayson Tatum as he unveiled a new silhouette of his Jordan Brand Tatum 2, a colorway called "Legacy". The TNT broadcast even took the time to highlight Tatum's sneaker venture, however, social media did not respond as highly compared to reporter Chris Haynes.

Jayson Tatum made a significant career move by signing a deal with Jordan Brand in 2019. Known for his impressive skills on the court, Tatum's partnership with Jordan Brand represents a major milestone in his professional career. Tatum's inaugural signature sneaker, the JT 1, was not made available to retailers until 2023, with the subsequent introduction of the JT 2 coming in 2024.

As hot of a stretch the 6'8" forward got in the first few quarters, he seemingly disappeared in the second half, only scoring four points on only three shot attempts and a -4 plus/minus rating. The momentum shifted in Miami's favor, as did his co-star Jaylen Brown, who ended the game as the Celtics' leading scorer with 33 points. When the Celtics needed their star in Tatum to show up, he vanished and it may have resulted in fanfare surrounding his new sneaker taking a negative turn.

X, the social platform formerly known as Twitter, had many chiming in to express their disdain for Tatum's new kicks. Overwhelming comments labeling the shoes as "hideous" and "ugly" largely summed up the narrative for the Tatum 2 "Legacy". For a sneaker with such a career-defining name, it seems to be doing the complete opposite for Jayson Tatum, as social media hecklers jumped the gun to throw salt in the wound of Tatum's second-half collapse.

The Tatum 2 "Legacy" colorway was bashed almost immediately upon its arrival.

The "Mommas Boy" colorway, a white sneaker with neon and black overlays, was the initial release that kickstarted the JT 2 line in February 2024. Subsequent colorways would follow including the Tatum 2 "Vortex", which was mint green with hints of pink and yellowish-green, and of course, the Tatum 2 "Neon", otherwise known as the poorly-received "Legacy".

Now is the sneaker that bad? To be honest, it's sort of understandable to see why people were quick to shut the shoe down, as it doesn't look all that aesthetically pleasing. A white base sneaker with a bit of black and grey hints, and an off-putting neon green for the JT logo, Jumpman logo, and "Deuce" (in honor of his son) embroidery across the tongue tab. Tatum had good intentions when designing the Tatum 2 "Legacy", but the final product appears more like a budget-friendly basketball sneaker commonly seen in stores like Payless or Walmart, rather than a luxury item deserving of its $140 price tag.

It might be the right cup of tea for some basketball enthusiasts, but don't expect to see many clamoring to get their hands on the Tatum 2 "Legacy" anytime soon.

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