Olivia Rodrigo swaps out her usual Dr. Martens for the Adidas Sambas

The 21-year-old pop megastar is busy with her GUTS World Tour, but her recent footwear choice also turned heads.
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Olivia Rodrigo is on an absolute roll for someone so young in their music career. When she released her debut album SOUR in the Spring of 2021, Rodrigo's style and image were still centered on her lovesick, teenage angst persona. Fast forward to the release of GUTS in Fall 2023, and Olivia Rodrigo has completely embraced this new punk-rock, grunge-esque chic, with a little flair of sexy mixed in there.

Her outfits on-stage during the GUTS World Tour are enough to prove this sentiment, as OR has been going all-out with her crop tops, fishnets, and trademark Dr. Martens boots to complete her look. Even before shifting to her Gutsy-phase, Docs were a staple in Olivia's wardrobes, whether the cameras caught her at a performance, red carpet, or street attire.

But recently, cameras caught the 21-year-old rising star in a much different look than fans are used to. Olivia was spotted in the West Village district of New York City in a very streetwear-esque look, with a long black trench coat, black beanie, washed Levi's 501 jeans, black sunglasses, and to top it all off - a pair of the Adidas Sambas.

Pop megastar Olivia Rodrigo ditched the Docs for Sambas.

Just a few days prior, OR had on a slightly tweaked version of the outfit above, wearing the same black beanie/sunglasses combo with a pair of washed Levi's, but instead she had on a spotty wool coat. More importantly, her signature Doc Martens was still part of the look.

Surely, Olivia will never scrap the Docs out of her closet rotation, they're just too closely linked to her image to do so. But if her recent off-stage, streetwear, and casual looks have proved anything, it's that Olivia Rodrigo can pull off any aesthetic. She can easily go from high-class elegance on the red carpet to a signature rebellious look associated with her present-day image, and throw a curve ball going back to her Disney-phase, girly girl outfits.

Her choosing the Adidas Sambas isn't too much of a surprise either, as that sneaker has gained the backing of some of Hollywood's elite. It's just the right amount of basic, casual chic that still fits OR's taste. I mean, it would be kind of hard to picture Olivia in a pair of Air Jordans or Nike Air Forces. Better yet, it would be a little tough walking around the cold streets of NYC in a crop top, fishnets, and thigh-high boots. That would be a bad idea right?

dark. Next. When Olivia Rodrigo signs a sneaker endorsement deal, it's going to be a smash hit!. When Olivia Rodrigo signs a sneaker endorsement deal, it's going to be a smash hit!