Rap superstar J. Cole reveals first in-depth look at new sneaker model

Following his departure from Puma, J. Cole is on track to roll out new music and a new sneaker line.
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J. Cole has been a prominent figure in the rap game for quite some time, part of the fan-proclaimed "Big 3" of modern rap alongside Kendrick Lamar and Drake. He seems to be the first among the three to venture into the sneaker industry independently. Taking inspiration from artists like Kanye West (Ye) and Tyler, the Creator, Cole strives to realize the vision on his terms after parting ways with his previous Puma partnership.

Fans have been eager for new music from J. Cole, but the music is not coming alone as the Dreamer Indie 5000 is also on its way.

J. Cole, who is on the brink of releasing his seventh studio album, appears to be launching a new sneaker model alongside it, called the "Dreamer Indie 5000". This news comes after Cole was seen playing basketball in Nike Kobe shoes back in 2022, following the announcement of the end of his partnership with Puma. Contrary to public belief, it looks like Cole will not be signing a new endorsement deal with the Jordan brand, and instead will launch his own line of sneakers.

The new sneakers have a retro aesthetic, with a color combination of black, white, and teal. A recently released video from Cole, part of a series called "Might Delete Later," offers a closer look at the shoes than previous snapshots from NBA courtside appearances and live concerts where Cole has been seen wearing them. In addition to the black, white, and teal pair, there is also a red and white pair, as well as another less visible pair. The prominent zig-zag design on the shoes gives off a late 80s, early 90s vibe. The sneakers also feature a "Dreamer" logo on the back and tongue of both shoes.

As we do not have a confirmed price or release date for the new sneakers, fans will need to stay alert for further details. Fortunately for sneaker enthusiasts, they appear to be versatile shoes suitable for various activities such as playing basketball or casual wear, as evident by Cole's appearances wearing them.

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