Lil Yachty gives Coachella a sneak preview of his Nike Air Force 1 collaboration

The 26-year-old is one of rap's most colorful characters and his teased Air Force 1 sneaker is quite vibrant too.
2024 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 3
2024 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 3 / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

A member of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class, Lil Yachty was first recognized for his pop-rap, upbeat musical style and bubbly, energetic personality. He made a bit of a shift in his rap genre, taking a different approach with his psychedelic-inspired Let's Start Here album released in January 2023. Despite being largely associated as one of the mid-2010s hottest acts, Lil Yachty has been able to remain relevant and find new ways to stand out from the rest.

Lil Yachty went all out for his 2024 Coachella appearance, bringing out an actual boat on-stage with him during his performance. But aside from wowing the crowd with a gigantic boat prop, Lil Yachty's eye-catching shoes garnered attention from interested sneakerheads. Comfortably seated atop his ship reading "LILBOAT", the 26-year-old rapper had on a pair of Nike Air Force 1s in a "Yellow/Green/Red" colorway.

Lil Yachty's ability to be flashy and vivid has translated over to his new set of Nike Air Force 1s.

Lil Yachty's outfit was also significant as he rocked an exclusive ensemble from Levi's. Teaming up with the iconic denim brand, Lil Yachty unveiled a trio of bespoke creations, adding another element to his electrifying Coachella performance. Crafted for the special occasion, the ensemble included a personalized T-shirt, jacket, and jeans, each a unique masterpiece. Noteworthy were the reversible jeans and jacket, boasting a distinct washed denim on one side and a custom green French terry on the flip side, adding a touch of versatility to his stage presence.

Lil Yachty has been on quite the roll as of late, associating his name with interesting collaborations. In fact, he recently unveiled a new "Remix Menu" in partnership with McDonald's Canada, which has seen him featured in a TV spot where he raps along to numerous McD's items. Lil Yachty spent some time in his early days working at a McDonald's in his hometown of Atlanta, where he said this about his newly minted partnership:

"Going from working at a McDonald’s in Atlanta to collaborating on the Remix Menu Song with McDonald’s Canada is a wild full circle moment that brought back memories and is such a reminder that anything in life can happen"

Lil Yachty via McDonald's Canada

And now, it seems Lil Yachty is dipping his hand back in the shoe game with these teased AF1s colorways. The "Yellow/Green/Red" iteration of what is seemingly a Friends and Family exclusive at the moment is a far cry from Lil Yachty's last AF1 sneaker that made headlines in the Fall of last year. This AF1 in question looked more like a slightly remixed basic White Air Force 1, with some navy accents. And, Lil Yachty's signature Concrete Boys logo embroidered on the side, while the tongue tab and insole read "IT'S US".

But now, Lil Yachty is bringing a little bit more flair and dynamism to his exclusive line of AF1s. Taking direct inspiration from Bape fashion designer and creator Nigo, Lil Yachty has implemented the iconic Bapesta touch to his new set of Air Force 1 sneakers, complete with the radiant look and glossy leather finish. Aside from this one set of AF1s, Lil Yachty also teased a few more colorways on his Instagram, including "White/Orange", "Black/Purple", and "Black/Red" silhouettes.

Currently, there's limited information available regarding the potential general public release of these Lil Yachty sneakers. However, given his increasing influence in pop culture with each new project, it wouldn't be unexpected to witness these kicks being launched by Nike during the summer of 2024.