PJ Tucker returns to Sneaker Shopping and spends double

PJ Tucker has made his long awaited return to Sneaker Shopping and spent double the amount of money on shoes that he spent last time. In fact, along the way, he managed to nearly beat the record for most money spent during an episode of Sneaker Shopping in the process.

Finally! The Tuck has come back to Sneaker Shopping! Okay, scratch all that. We are not going to start calling PJ Tucker “The Tuck.” We will call Tucker the Drip God before we let “The Tuck” stick. Sorry about that one, y’all. The Tuck’s never going to happen, but what did happen was his second appearance on Complex’s premiere sneaker head show, Sneaker Shopping, starring Joe La Puma as its interview host.

As some regular and long time viewers of Sneaker Shopping may recall about his episode from March 2018 episode, Tucker spent $16,944.57 during his episode, which is more or less the average amount that the average baller spends when they show up on the show. In yesterday’s all new episode and in his comeback episode to the show, he balled out like he had a point the prove. As if somebody pulled up to him and said “You spent too less, you must be broke.” Tucker proved by racking up $33,283.10 during yesterday’s episode.

What really makes this episode and this number so special is just how close he came to breaking Juice WRLD’s number. Juice WRLD, who spent $42,032.28  during his episode of Sneaker Shopping, is actually the record holder right now for the most anyone has ever spent during a single episode of Sneaker Shopping. Tucker’s number came just under 10k short of breaking the record himself. Watch the episode in its entirety below.

And don’t forget to watch Tucker and the rest of the Houston Rockets’ season opener vs. the Bucks on Thursday.