Blake Griffin endorses Zion Williamson’s deal with Jordan

The official NBA season has not started yet, but Zion Williamson has already been impressing folks his first season. One of those folks is Blake Griffin of the Detroit Pistons.

Basketball player and part time comedian (apparently) Blake Griffin has barely played in the preseason of the NBA so far (though, granted, most of the star athletes rest up for most of the preseason before going all in at the start of the official season anyway) but he has had plenty of time to have casual interviews away from the court. One of those interviews has been with Complex.

Complex caught up with Griffin at the Foot Locker’s Detroit Power Store and during there chat, they covered a lot of ground as far as sneaker news is concerned (much of which we may actually recap in future articles coming up). In addition to the shoes that he himself rocks on the court, he spoke about the historic Jordan shoe deal that Zion Williamson acquired earlier this year after becoming the number one draft pick during this year’s NBA Draft.

As we should all recall, Zion signed the largest deal that Jordan Brand has ever offered to an athlete before. Some of his critics have suggested that the deal will not make an impact in the sneaker community, basketball community, NBA industry or even the sneaker industry, but Blake Griffin begs to differ.

“I think it’s great for him to be a part of Jordan Brand, yes,” Blake defended Zion. “We like to feel as a select group of guys and he fits right in. So him, Jayson Tatum and, and Ray, too. Yeah, it’s a great fit.”

It is nice to see Blake Griffin to see him go to bat for Zion given how he, too, was a number one draft pick during his heyday in his year’s selection in the NBA Draft. It will also be interesting to see these to go head to head the day the Pistons take on the New Orleans Pelicans.