Kyrie Irving continues his shoe roll out with “Grand Purple”

The crazy sneaker roll out that Kyrie Irving seems to be on as of late has been nuts so far, and it continues with a new “Grand Purple” colorway for the Nike Kyrie 6.

I do not know if you noticed, but we have been talking a lot about Kyrie Irving as of late. In the last couple days alone, we have been writing as much about Kyrie as we have been writing about Under the Laces report regulars like Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh (who we write about a lot, and I do mean a lot). At this point, you would be remiss to forget that he was a basketball player and not a regular in the sneaker game grinding harder than he has ever grinded on the scene before.

As a basketball player, he starts his first season as a frontman for the Brooklyn Nets next month in October (and he plays some preseason games between now and the next couple games), but over the last couple days, we have reported about how he has a pair of Spongebob Squarepants shoes coming and another new colorway for his Kyrie Low 2 sneakers. Nike has really been keeping this guy and his line of shoes busy lately, and they are not done yet.

Most recently, we have learned that Nike will be releasing a new Kyrie 6 colorway called “Grand Purple” that will come in a – you guessed it – all purple paint coating (with a bit of red, black and white coating). Nike have not announced an official release date for these shoes yet, but unofficial images of the shoes have leaked and can be found on Sole Collector’s website.

Unofficially, these shoes are rumored to hit the sneaker market on Nov. 30, but we will hit you all with a more official update as soon as Nike announce one.