Full Size Run returns to talk to Nigel Sylvester

Full Size Run has finally made its long awaited return to YouTube. They did so by sitting down with a professional BMX bicycle riding expert named Nigel Sylvester.

It has been far, far, far, far, far too long since the sneaker gods above us (better known as Complex Media and Sole Collector) decided to bless us all in the shoe community with an all new episode of Full Size Run. It had been just over a month or so since the last episode of FSR and needless to say, us and the rest of the FSR Army were getting impatient and antsy for some new, sneaker hoarding goodness from our favorite trio of hosts.

Thankfully, the gods above decided to stop torturing us with a lack of content and this past Thursday, two days ago as of this writing, Trinidad James, Matt Welty and Brendan Dunne returned to our computer screens (or TV screens, or tablet screens, or phone screens, or however else you decide to digest your YouTube videos) for an all new episode of FSR.

This Thursday marked the season five premiere of the show (how seasons work on this show, we have no idea, because they for sure have not been on the air for five years already). What we do know is that this past episode saw our favorite sneaker hosts on our favorite sneaker show bring in Nigel Sylvester as a guest. If you not familiar with the guy, he is a huge sneakerhead (which, obviously, you kind of have to be to be on a sneakerhead show) but he is also a pro BMX rider who has got his own Air Jordan deal. He tells the trio all about it in the video after the jump. Check it out.

We can’t wait for the next episode!