Celebrate Batman Day with some new Converse

Celebrate Batman Day early – and by early, we mean very late this year, but before the next one in the year 2020 – by copping some special sneakers courtesy of Converse.

Better late than never, eh? Batman Day was a few days ago, as you may have noticed per the phrase being a top trending topic on social media on the last third Saturday in September (as it is always celebrated) but apparently, Converse did not get the memo. Or perhaps, maybe they are just getting prepared very, very, very, very, very, very, very early for the next one coming in the year 2020. That, dear readers, is what we call planning ahead and thinking outside the box.

Or Converse just got the date wrong and wound up dropping a whole month after the fact, because that is just as much likely. In any case, this year’s holiday was meant to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the characters inception and to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman dropping on to comic book shelves for the first time, Converse decided to drop their own collection of shoes inspired by the character. The only weird part about all of this is that it is arriving on to sneaker shelves more than a meant past the anniversary date. Weird.

In any case, the collection of six Batsized colorways comes out on Oct. 1, but only in select retailers. Meanwhile, they will arrive on Converse’s official website on Oct. 21, even later passed the anniversary date, but again, we digress. Prices for each shoe ranges between 35 dollars and 100 whopping dollars. You can read the full scoop and check out some image sized previews for each shoe in the collection over at Hypebeast’s website.

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