Larry Johnson x Converse Aero Jam making a comeback

Don’t call it a comeback. They’ve been here for years and now, the Larry Johnson x Converse is being brought back to the forefront of the sneaker shelf.

When you hear the name Larry Johnson, the first thing that should come to mind is the former NBA All Star who retired from basketball early in his career due to ongoing back problems. Apart from his actual accomplishments that he has had on the court, we should all remember this NBA legend for his now infamous “Grandmama” commercials he took part in to sell his Aero Jam shoes with Converse way back in the day after the shoe originally hit the shelves during the early 90s.

People loved Larry Johnson’s Converse x Aero Jams when they officially dropped back in 1993. So much so that Converse have decided to re-release these shoes all over again.

These shoes will arrive to the shelves all over again in a blue, white, black and purple colorway with a classic high cut. It also has a removable lace shroud.

The Converse Aero Jams currently do not have a release date officially set or announced, but stay tuned for future updates from us for when they finally do drop. When we find out, you will be the first to know, folks.

Were you one of the few who copped these back in the day? Will you be pulling your old Aero Jams back out the closet? Whether you did or you did not, will you be buying new pairs of these rebooted Converse shoes when they drop?

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