Kanye West and the problem with Yeezy Day

Yesterday was Yeezy Day and all of Kanye West’s shoes sold out off the market online. Here is why there is a problem with sneakerheads buying into the hype.

You may have seen a bunch of news regarding Yeezy Day yesterday and may be curious as to what it was. Yeezy Day was a day where Adidas and Kanye West decided to restock some of their most iconic collaborations together. You may be wondering exactly what Yeezy Day was because we neglected to cover any news for it or about it over the course of the past few days.

We know that every now and again, we might be late to the party on something going on in the sneaker culture, but this was not one of those times we were just late. This was by design. We opted to not cover this bit of news because Under the Laces do not support this holiday. Why? Because it celebrates the self-indulgence and over glorification of the rapper himself.

Keep in mind that we do not say any of this to say that we’re never going to cover any Yeezy or Kanye news ever again on this site. Hell, if I could have gotten a pair of other writers to write about this day, I would’ve, but every time I tried to pitch the idea to someone else, they turned it down because they simply did not want to support a day in dedication to the rapper. This highlights a disconnect between the rapper and his former fans.

This is the same man who said that slavery was a choice. Supposedly, he was “cancelled” by the masses about it, but many of those same masses could not wait to cop classic pairs of Yeezys. There’s a disconnect there.

How do you feel about Yeezy Day?