Tyler, the Creator teases next collab with latest outfit

He’s dropping albums, he’s dropping clothes, and now, Tyler, the Creator may be dropping a collaboration with Paraboot for GOLF WANG.

They say that the way that a man dresses says a lot about that man as a person. Little did they – whoever the proverbial and hypothetical “they” could possibly be – know is that sometimes, in some, rare cases at the very least, what a man wears can also say a lot about what kind of plans a man has on their hands. That is exactly the case when it comes to the Grammy nominated Tyler, the Creator and the latest out fit that the fashionista – dudes can be fashionistas, right? – stepped out in.

You see, the “EARFQUAKE” rapper got caught stepping out coming in the spot looking extra fly rocking what appeared to be a  COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT button-up over a white undershirt and loose khaki pants. The COMME des GARCONS shirt has created suspicion that Tyler wore it to tease a fashion line collection collaboration between his GOLF WANG brand and Paraboot, especially considering that this is a much more reserved look than we are used to seeing from the often eccentric Tyler.

Instead of just assuming that he’s starting to dress as mature as his personality has grown – which is reflective of the last two extremely mature albums he dropped in Flower Boy and Igor during these past couple years – as of late, folks like Highsnobiety feel like it could be a preview for what is next on Tyler’s work docket. Which, hey, more power to them if they know something we don’t and we won’t rule out that they could be right on this one.

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But let us also be open to the fact that this all could just be a coincidence. In fact, Tyler might be tight with the folks at Paraboot and got some early swag. We’ll see what happens.

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