Space Jam 2 castings halted because of sneaker contracts

LeBron James has been having trouble bringing NBA stars to the cast of Space Jam 2 and it looks like the sneaker contracts of these athletes is to blame.

Long time fans of the original film were ecstatic to learn earlier this year that LeBron James will be starring in a sequel to Space Jam. The film is currently in pre-production with hopes to release the movie into theaters by the summer of 2021. However, the production of Space Jam 2 is already running into a few setbacks. The reason being because the Los Angeles Laker is struggling to fill out the cast of his movie with basketball players.

We have been hearing news for months that LeBron has been getting turned down left and right by his NBA buddies. It has been all up in the air as to why so many ball players didn’t want to be in the major Hollywood production, but now we know why. It is not so much that these b-ballers did not want to be in the movie, but more so that they cannot be in the movie even if they wanted to.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, certain sneaker contracts for certain athletes is what’s preventing them from working with LeBron. More specifically, it’s all because LeBron is signed with Nike. As a Nike affiliate, Under Armour would not want a guy of theirs like Steph Curry to work so closely with the face of the rival sneaker brand. The same can be said for James Harden in regards to his Adidas deal.

It’s worth noting that Nike may want to produce a new shoe to promote the film, much like how Space Jam was used to shell out the Air Jordan XI “Space Jam” sneakers. Obviously, rival sneaker brands would not want any of their guys beside a rival competitor as their new sneaker hits the market.

It also must be said that some Nike signees have refused to be apart of the movie as well. Nike boys Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant both said no to LeBron recently. Writers on the film are currently working on re-writing the screenplay to focus on LeBron and his family rather than other basketball players.

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