Stephen Curry gifts Under Armour Curry 6s to ‘hero’ dad and his son

After receiving a heartfelt letter from a son who was saved from drowning by his father, Stephen Curry sent them matching Under Armour 6s.

Who ever would have thought that two pairs of Under Armour 6s and an undeniable love between a father and a son could unite them with their favorite basketball player, Stephen Curry?

Young Jackson Smoak from Charleston, South Carolina nearly died at the age of two when he drowned after riding his tricycle into the family pool. Thankfully, his father – Jason – burst onto the scene just in time and leaped into action, saving his child’s life by breathing life into his boy’s lungs with CPR.

Now, at the age of eight, Jackson was hoping to return the favor. The father and son duo regularly bond over basketball and love to watch Steph Curry on the court. Knowing this, the boy sent a heartfelt letter to the former NBA Champion where he called his dad a “hero” and asked the star player if he could send them matching pairs of the “Coy Fish” Under Armour Curry 6 in time for Father’s Day. Without hesitation, Curry did just that. The father and son duo talked about their story in an interview with ABC News 4.

We previously reported last week that all it took was a letter from 9-year old Riley Morrison to convince him to release the Curry 5s in a girl’s size. Not only does the Golden State Warrior read all of his fan mail, he grants wishes to all of his fans, especially the kids. What a guy.

If you sent Stephen Curry a letter knowing full well for a fact that he will get it and send you whatever pair of sneaker you wanted, which pair would you ask for? Let us know in the comment section below. While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest sneaker news.