Under Armour TriBase Reign is a CrossFit competitor

The CrossFit craze continues to grow, and with some events open to all brands, Under Armour has decided to join the competition.

CrossFit is a corporate chain, first and foremost, but one that peddles fitness and competition into a nice bundle for mass consumption. And the masses are consuming more CrossFit than ever. With over 15,000 affiliates operating in over 160 countries, CrossFit has spent the last year flexing it’s corporate muscle. Though CrossFit growth in the United States has slowed down, international eyeballs are coming across more CrossFit.  Under Armour is releasing a new performance shoe just for these athletes.

Though sponsored by Reebok, CrossFit events are becoming more open to other brands. Under Armour is poised to be a player in the game. Under Armour has endorsed some athletes in the arena, including Marquon Jones and James Newbury. Not only does Under Armour carry a cache and reputation in the market that translate well, the UA brand is now sending competition grade products to retail at reasonable prices.

Ask any athlete, in any sport, the right equipment is necessary for peak performance. While most sports come with cleats attached to the bottom, CrossFit style events call for a versatile performance sneaker. While not able to be as event-specific, Under Armour’s new shoe, the TriBase Reign, is for serious :athletes who participate in functional fitness, high intensity training and weightlifting.”

According the Under Armour’s launch site for the TriBase Reign, the shoe is for athletes wanting minimalism in their training footwear. The shoe’s foundation starts lower to the ground, giving athletes a feel of the surface unlike most any other product. The TriBase Reign has a 2mm heel to toe drop, which provides a satisfying platform.

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Marquan Jones, presented on the Under Armour TriBase Reign introduction page as a UA Athlete and professional functional fitness athlete, said:

“The ultimate goal is being screwed into the ground so that your power is being driven through the floor. You feel extremely confident.”

The TriBase Reign provides a sturdy platform, without sacrificing flexibility. The UA TriBase name comes from the technology of three “zones of flexibility” for more natural movement of the foot. The forefoot flex groove helps with vertical movements, while the sides remain ready for torque loads that come with changes of direction.

“The perfect shoe could be the difference between first and second place.”
– James Newbury, UA Athlete and professional functional fitness athlete

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With ‘functional fitness’ competitions varied in events and obstacles, the TriBase Reign outsole features a ‘ripstop’ material and mesh providing 360-degree abrasion and heat resistance. There is also an outer rubber wrapping providing durability and outsole grip beyond the sole.

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At only 10.3 ounces, the Under Armour TriBase Reign is a shoe capable of transitions, in between workouts, terrains, and lifestyles. With a price tag of $120 USD, the TriBase Reign falls in line with most other high performing options in the functional fitness market.