My Cause My Cleats: Trey Burton and International Justice Mission

My Cause My Cleats is a movement started by the NFL to allow players to support their favorite charities. The charities range from ASPCA to Bears player Trey Burton’s charity International Justice Mission.

Each year the National Football League offers football players three weeks to wear custom cleats to bring awareness to their charitable causes. Players from around the league take part in this. The game-worn cleats are then auctioned off online, with the money going to their charity. One such player is Chicago Bears star tight-end Trey Burton.

Many of the players work directly with the shoe companies including Nike, Under Armour and Adidas to custom design their cleats. Other teams work with independent designers to create cleats for participating players.

Burton’s cleats are in support of International Justice Mission. International Justice Mission is a human rights organization that fights modern slavery all over the world and one of their big goals is to end human trafficking. In explaining his choice of charity, Burton spoke to Sports Spectrum and said that he and his wife were inspired after hearing IJM’s founder Gary Haugen speak at a conference. They later ended up visiting a field office in the Dominican Republic.

“God tells us at the end of James 1 to take care of the orphans and widows in their distress,” Burton told Sports Spectrum. “My family and I feel like God is telling us this is the fight He wants us to fight. So we are donating $1,000 a catch and $2,500 a TD to help end trafficking across the world.” It’s been documented by the media including NPR that human trafficking is a major issue during events like the Super Bowl.

International Justice Mission is a non-profit organization that combats human trafficking around the world. They operate in several countries across the world. Their work has been documented by 20/20, Dateline and many others.