Nike releases Colin Kaepernick-narrated teaser new “Just Do It” campaign

While the internet’s abuzz with hot takes about Nike’s recent partnership with Colin Kaepernick, the brand has officially released the campaign’s first ad.

Don’t look now, but Nike just did it.

As fans and haters around the internet currently rage over the brand’s controversial decision to name former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the face of their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign, Nike has struck again while the iron’s hot and officially released the line’s first teaser.

The ad, initially released on Kaepernick’s Instagram account, truly highlights everything that Nike and the “Just Do It” line is about, with prominent placements from the other game changers like Serena Williams, Shaquem Griffin, and even King of the Road-album Lacey Baker.

Talk about inspiring

While plenty of people aren’t exactly happy about the brand’s decision to partner Kaepernick, like the scores of Twitter users burning their shoes and cutting off the swoosh logo from their clothing, they are also millions of fans eagerly anticipating what Nike and Kaep have up their sleeves next.

Some fans and unabashed supporters, like ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith have even gone so far as to question why it took the brand so long to make this move happen.

Well, as the days have progressed, it looks like we’ve finally gotten some clarity on that matter.

According to Yahoo Sports, as Kaepernick’s contract with Nike was coming to a close, other brands like Puma and Adidas rushed in to try to sign away the former NFL QB, a move that could have been a major paradigm swing in the football shoe game.

Needless to say, Phil Knight and company couldn’t let that happen.

With no true sneaker selling monolith in the NFL, if Nike does decide to release a full line of Colin Kaepernick apparel, an idea that has been floated around the internet, we could be looking at the ‘Michael Jordan of the Gridiron’, a possibility I’m sure we’ll discuss further over the coming days here at Under the Laces.