De'Aaron Fox models Under Armour Phantom 1 in new ad campaign

The 26-year-old star for the Sacramento Kings is Under Armour's new poster boy for their Phantom 1 revival effort.
Sacramento Kings v Brooklyn Nets
Sacramento Kings v Brooklyn Nets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

It was a sad conclusion to the 2023-24 NBA season for De'Aaron Fox and his Sacramento Kings, as their playoff hopes were ended in a play-in tournament closer with the New Orleans Pelicans. Things looked to be on the come-up for Fox and the Kings, after last season's impressive 48-34 record and subsequently ending their NBA-record 16 season-long playoff drought. Be that as it may, "Swipa" and the Kings were treated to a tougher Western Conference this year, and it's back to the drawing board for Sacramento as their off-season arrived a lot earlier than expected.

Not tasked with playoff endeavors, De'Aaron Fox has all the time in the world to devote to other ventures. Fox picked up a marquee showcase, as he is the primary athlete in Under Armour's marketing attempts to revitalize their Phantom 1 model.

Under Armour appointed Kings point guard De'Aaron Fox as the face of their Phantom 1 campaign.

The Phantom 1 silhouette was first introduced by Under Armour in 2018, where it garnered praise for its lightweight feel, breathable socky-mesh material, and plush cushioning for runners (the intended audience) and everyday users alike. Built off of UA's innovative HOVR foam technology, the brand describes it as "a unique proprietary foam compound developed in partnership with Dow Chemical, and an 'Energy Web' compression fabric that wraps it–securing the foam and providing incredible cushioning and shock absorption with every single strike of the foot."

The original UA Phantom 1 has been reintroduced with justified comments on Under Armour's product page: "You loved it, so we're bringing it back." Though it looks like the ultimate gym or running shoe, the UA Phantom 1 prides itself on flexibility for athletes and wearers looking to use the sneaker for casual outfits.

As Swipa states in his promotional video for Under Armour, he upsells the Phantom 1s as "multidimensional" and a slogan for the shoe that reads "ONE SHOE. ALL THINGS". We also see Fox donning several looks with the UA Phantom 1s, from a funky pickleball outfit to streetwear-vibe looks, to which Swipa says he's "locked in".

There's no telling how effective the shoes would be as on-court sneakers, whether basketball or pickleball, as they seem to be largely casual-centric or intro-level athletic trainers. Nevertheless, the UA Phantom 1s certainly give off an aura of comfortability and versatility with their look, and that's the goal of Under Armour's fresh campaign.

With a rising young NBA star like De'Aaron Fox leading the way, Under Armour certainly hopes their decision to go with Swipa as their main man can help bring the shoe back into the limelight.