PUMA and LaMelo Ball unveil his first signature lifestyle sneaker, the LaFrancé

The LaFrancé Amour is tailor-made for fans of the chunky, Y2K-chic sneaker variety.
Phoenix Suns v Charlotte Hornets
Phoenix Suns v Charlotte Hornets / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

LaMelo Ball has been on a topsy-turvy trajectory thus far in his NBA career. Outside of a play-in appearance a few seasons ago, his Charlotte Hornets team is largely inexperienced and mediocre. Be that as it may, LaMelo is no slouch on the court. Ignoring his injury concerns, when LaMelo Ball’s health is at full-strength, he can be a difference maker even for a underwhelming Hornets squad. LaMelo’s playmaking skills are a strong point and his large frame as a point guard makes him a possible triple-double threat.

Clearly, Puma took note of LaMelo’s star potential, when they signed the Hornets guard to a multi-year endorsement deal in 2020. LaMelo’s time with Puma has earned him a signature basketball sneaker line, the MB model, which is currently in its 3rd iteration. Off the court, LaMelo Ball is quite the fashion connoisseur, often rocking flashy outfits, big chains, and extravagant lifestyle sneakers. It was only a matter of time before Puma gave LaMelo his own trademark lifestyle shoe - enter the LaFrancé.

The new lifestyle Puma sneaker for Hornets standout LaMelo Ball evokes a luxury, throwback vibe.

The new LaFrancé design offers a fresh interpretation of Melo's fashion trends - a bold, chunky look inspired by his unique flair and vibrancy. The standout off-court symbol features a fiery red upper and chunky silhouette that pays homage to the thick and bulky designs made famous by Y2K skate culture. The "Amour" colorway is just the start to the sneaker line, with a variety of other options set to drop in the near future. Alongside the sneakers, LaFrancé will also introduce a selection of clothing items, such as graphic tees, mesh tanks, shorts, and track pants, priced between a range of $40-$110.

The LaFrancé boasts unique cosmetic additions that make it truly stand out from the crowd. In addition to the striking vivid blood red color of the sneaker, there are engraved details such as "1 of 1" and "Not From Here" that add a touch of exclusivity. The shoe's name and initials are also prominently displayed on the front tab and tongue, while the thick, pronounced laces further add to the overall bold aesthetic of the shoe.

The attention to detail in the design and construction of the LaFrancé sets it apart from other shoes on the market. Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast looking for a unique addition to your collection or simply want to make a fashion statement, the LaFrancé is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Scheduled for release on May 17, the highly anticipated PUMA LaFrancé Amour “Red” is set to make its debut at handpicked PUMA locations both in person and online at PUMA.com, at an SRP of $120. Overall, the PUMA LaFrancé Amour “Red” represents a new chapter in LaMelo Ball's journey, showcasing his evolution as an athlete and a cultural influencer. Don't miss out on this exciting release that combines performance, style, and personality in one fashionable package.