The Adidas Campus 00s are an essential sneaker for your wardrobe

The Adidas Samba gets a lot of hype and love, but not far behind in stylishness are the Adidas Campus 00s.
Street Style - Dusseldorf - October 2023
Street Style - Dusseldorf - October 2023 / Jeremy Moeller/GettyImages

Adidas is in good hands with their trifecta of popular lifestyle models, those being the Adidas Samba, Gazelle, and Campus 00s. As covered before, the Sambas have become an iconic staple for some of Hollywood’s hottest stars and everyday folks alike. As popular as the Sambas have been, their run at the top might’ve run its course, and lurking in the shadows ready for a similar breakout are the Adidas Campus 00s.

As a Y2K throwback, the Adidas Campus 00s are just the right sneaker to appeal to a nostalgia-seeking demographic.

Originally designed with the purpose of being a basketball shoe, the Campus 00s saw a trendy boost in the 80s and 90s, where it was an essential part of urban and hip-hop culture thanks in part to an endorsement from the Beastie Boys.

Progressing further to another niche market, the Campus 00s became a go-to for the skateboarding community at the turn of the next millennium, where Adidas even launched a special skateboard edition of the Campus 00s called “Campus Vulc”. And talk about crossover appeal as Adidas has partnered with popular online gaming platform, Roblox, to include the Campus 00s as a selectable sneaker accessory in-game.

Although the Samba, Gazelle, and Campus 00s share similar qualities, they aren’t quite the same sneaker. The Sambas and Gazelles run a bit on the narrow side with a tapered, long finish, making them a tough fit for folks with wider feet.

The Campus 00s have a chunkier shape and are a little higher off the ground, compared to the grounded feel nature of the Sambas and Gazelles. The Campus 00s have a wide enough toe box to accommodate those looking for a stylish Adidas sneaker, but have troubled feet.

Design choices won’t be a problem with the Campus 00s either, as they have just about every color palette imaginable, so whether you love neutral or flashy, there’s something for everyone! Just like the Sambas and Gazelles, the Campus 00s’ slightly chunkier-look doesn’t interfere with styling them effectively, as you could easily dress them up or down.

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Street Style - Dusseldorf - August, 2021 / Jeremy Moeller/GettyImages

The same way you see eager devotees of the Nike Dunk Lows, the Adidas Campus 00s have star-potential written all over it and people everywhere could be clamoring for them in no time.

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