Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney stuns boxing world, Haney showcases Fear Of God attire

In a memorable bout, the formerly undefeated Devin Haney sported ring attire that featured all-ESSENTIALS coding.
Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia
Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia / Al Bello/GettyImages

Despite the controversies and questionable comments from Ryan Garcia in the lead up to last night's fight, both he and Devin Haney entered the ring with the same goal - to emerge victorious.

Controversial promotion is an understatement when describing "King" Ryan Garcia. Fans and boxing experts were left puzzled by the unexpected behavior of the Victorville, California native. Garcia utilized his social media platforms to go on multiple rants, expressing ideas that some may consider unconventional.

On the other hand, Haney had been diligently training and adhering to a strict regimen in order to ensure that he would emerge victorious in the ring and retain his championship. Tensions heightened on weigh-in day when Garcia failed to make weight and ended up three pounds heavier than anticipated, while Haney remained on track. Despite this setback, the fight proceeded, albeit without the championship at stake. This added even more pressure on both fighters as now it was not only about the title, but also about determining who was truly the best and who commanded the most respect.

Both fighters made their entrance with fashionable choices in their attire, making a statement. Champion Devin Haney and his team were seen sporting all-ESSENTIALS by Fear Of God outfits. In contrast to Garcia's crown and robe, Haney wore a cutoff ESSENTIALS hoodie paired with a PRIME Hydration chain. He recently became a sponsored athlete for the brand and completed his look with silver and red boxing gloves.

"The Dream" made a bold fashion statement with his outfit, not just limited to his entrance gear. His shorts were a clear nod to the iconic Fear of God ESSENTIALS shorts, known for their long drawstring and cropped style, featuring the FOG ESSENTIALS logo on one side. The boxing variant of the shorts showcased classic logos and sponsors, with 'HANEY' emblazoned across the back. Completing the look were custom Fear of God "Mock Knit High" boxing shoes, featuring a knit upper, laces, and cream sole with the brand's logo on the heel.

It turned out Devin Haney's outfit was more flashy than his in-ring performance against Ryan Garcia.

Despite the stylish fashion on display, Haney was unable to secure a victory, as he was repeatedly knocked down and stunned by Garcia multiple times during the bout. This came as a major shock to both analysts and fans who expected "The Dream" to maintain his undefeated streak. Garcia now has bragging rights and the opportunity to negotiate a future title fight, as both fighters expressed interest in a potential rematch during post-fight interviews.

While it's nice to see Haney staying stylish, he was ultimately hoping for a combination of fashion and victory. Meanwhile, Garcia will surely savor his win and make sure everyone remembers his triumph over Haney.

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