New Balance unveils its latest Kawhi Leonard signature shoe, the KAWHI IV

The fourth iteration of Clippers star Kawhi Leonard's basketball shoe line with New Balance has arrived.
New Balance KAWHI IV Transcend Reality. Image courtesy New Balance
New Balance KAWHI IV Transcend Reality. Image courtesy New Balance /

Since signing with New Balance in 2018, Kawhi Leonard has arguably been the face of their basketball division. Kawhi began his NB hoops wardrobe rocking the OMN1 model during NBA All-Star 2019 festivities. The following year, Leonard received his first signature shoe under the New Balance banner, the aptly named KAWHI I. Fast forward to 2024 and Kawhi Leonard x New Balance are gearing up to introduce the fourth iteration of his marquee sneaker to the market. 

The KAWHI IV model is the duo's latest innovation that aims to emulate Leonard's two-way dynamism and pay homage to his transcendent NBA career. For those reasons, the two colorways set for initial release are aptly named "Transcend Reality" and "Transcend the Game" respectively.

New Balance KAWHI IV Transcend Reality. Image courtesy New Balance /
New Balance KAWHI IV Transcend the Game. Image courtesy New Balance /

The KAWHI IV showcases a cutting-edge design that combines top-of-the-line performance elements with a stylish, lifestyle-inspired look. This versatile sneaker seamlessly transitions from the basketball court to city streets, catering to the needs of consumers who demand both technology and aesthetics in their footwear.

Additionally, there have been significant technological revamps made in the latest installment of the two-way forward's signature sneakers, to which Leonard made these comments in an official New Balance press release:

"Working with the design team on the new colorways of the KAWHI IV allow me to
show fans a different side of me and my game. The design team at New Balance updated the tech but also added
some fun details from the lifestyle side of the brand."

Kawhi Leonard

Leonard collaborated extensively with New Balance's design team to ensure his signature shoe would look visually appealing and perform exceptionally well on the basketball court. Through their partnership, they incorporated revolutionary Energy Arc technology, which cleverly merges the precision of carbon fiber plate geometry with strategically placed voids.

In addition, FuelCell cushioning was integrated into the midsole, providing a responsive energy return that benefits versatile players adept at offense and defense during gameplay. The result is a high-performance sneaker that offers dynamic support and comfort for basketball players looking to elevate their game.

Austin Jermacans, who serves as the Senior Product Designer for New Balance, had this to say on the development and appeal of the KAWHI IV:

"Working with Kawhi on the KAWHI IV has been incredible and I am excited to get this model out to consumers... The KAWHI IV is crafted with the latest New Balance technology to support Kawhi’s aggressive play and will help elevate any player’s game. When designing with Kawhi this time we explored the idea of transcendence, and that theme will continue through the colorways of the KAWHI IV."

Austin Jermacans

The initial two color variations of the KAWHI IV, named Transcend Reality and Transcend the Game, are set to debut simultaneously on Thursday, April 25th on various platforms including the official New Balance website, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other chosen retailers at an SRP of $160. Additional color options are scheduled for release in the upcoming months, with further details to be provided accordingly.

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