Nike Air Max 90 ‘Limeade’ in stores now

Nike Air Max keeps reinvented itself with the new Air Max 90 “Limeade” now in stores.

Nike Air Max has long been part of our sneaker arsenal that we whip out to strut to the world. In addition to the myriad of colors that have graced the Nike Air Max over the years, you can add another to that growing display of sneakers you have to show off. The new Limeade colorway for the Nike Air Max 90 is perfect for enjoying the waning moments of Spring and will make you the talk of the town during the summer.

The new Limeade Nike Air Max 90 consists of a white and fuchsia design with the Nike Air logo stitched to the back in lime green. The shoe comes in two distinct designs — one with what it seems like the shoelaces melting into a fuchsia design, and the other in a basic gray with splashes of fuschia.

Safe to say, fuchsia is a core color in either shoe.

Released in April, the Limeade Nike Air Max 90 came out just in time for the Easter holiday. I could really imagine kids (it seemed as if it was made for them) begging their parents to let them rock these sneakers to church service, which I would see nothing wrong with that.

Call me crazy, but the Limeade Nike Air Max 90 could be sweet pair of sneakers to rock with a professional outfit, especially the simple design of the great and fuchsia (there’s that word again!).

For the “melted shoelaces” design, that would be fun wear for a day out with friends. I wouldn’t recommend paring that with anything dressy, but if you’re one of those types that like to think outside the box, by all means, go for it.

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The Limeade Nike Air Max 90 is now in Foot Lockers everywhere.

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