Chase B exposes Travis Scott’s sneaker secrets

In the most recent episode of Full Size Run from last Thursday, Chase B joined our hosts and took the time to expose some of Travis Scott’s biggest secrets.

Do you have no idea who Chase B is? Don’t worry. Neither do we, but he pulled up to our fave sneaker series on the Complex channel, Full Size Run, so he can’t be all that bad. Apparently, he is a music producer, prophetic sneaker collector, and above all us, a DJ who works for Travis Scott. In fact, they knew each other ever since Chase was nine years old. With such a close relationship with the face of Astroworld, Chase was kind enough to expose some of the secrets regarding Scott’s time in the sneaker industry.

About nine minutes into the interview – which you can check out for yourself at this link or at the video below as you continue to read this article below – Chase talked about how he put Travis on to a few sneakers and streetwear suggestions. “It wasn’t on purpose,” he clarified; it was merely a suggestion from one friend or “homie” to another. Whenever they see each other and bump into one another, they can’t help but notice each other’s drip and put each other on to what each other is wearing.

On top of that, he added that whenever they talk about sneakers, it is not usually about specific brands or specific types of sneakers. More often than not, they just discuss the hottest colorways on the market.

To check out some more hot, juicy content provided by Chase in his interview, more secret revealing and more private details on his relationship with Travis Scott, look no further than the full episode of Full Size Run above. Check ’em out.