Danny Brown explains how he got kicked out of Nike

In the latest episode of Full Size Run, Danny Brown was a guest where among many shoe oriented topics, he talked about getting kicked out of Nike HQ.

Danny Brown has had a busy weekend this past weekend. Last Friday, his latest and fifth music studio album, which is called U Know What I’m Sayin?, had hit the shelves. The music shelves, not the sneaker shelves, as is the what we usually refer to by the saying on this site. His album continues to receive rave, positive reviews as each day progresses and his is projected to do well on the charts.

You may be wondering what that has to do with us as a sneaker site. Well, I am glad you asked, hypothetical reader who is probably not even reading this because we do not have any readers to speak of. See, the day before his album dropped, on Thursday to be specific, Mr. Brown decided to stop by Complex to guest star on their premiere sneaker series, Full Size Run, to promote his album. In the process, he shared some fun shoe stories, talked about his favorite sneakers, and talked about the one time that he got kicked out of Nike HQ.

Yes, that is right, the formerly crooked toothed rapper from Detroit, Michigan was kicked out of the official Nike headquarters unit. You check out the video for the full, in depth conversation, but he tells it around the 9:30 mark. He was invited to their Portland headquarters and when he walked in, he had the nerve to walk in with some Adidas sneakers.

In Danny Brown’s “delusional mind,” so he puts it, he figured Nike would get him out of their enemy’s shoes and offer him some free Nike sneakers. NOPE. They were visibly angry enough to kick him out.

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Go cop Brown’s new album.

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