Foot Locker’s Greenhouse app is two years in the making

You may know now that Foot Locker has created its new Greenhouse app, but did you know that the new Greenhouse app actually took two years to produce it all?

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Foot Locker produced a brand new app. Well, Foot Locker have been trying to get in the app producing game and trying to bring their home based apps to a cellular phone near you for quite some time now. In fact, to understand exactly how long and how many years such a project has been in development for them may just shock you.

Of course, we all know they have invested in a number of apps, like GOAT for example, but as far as trying to produce their very own app that they had produced themselves, we have seen nada from them in that department. That is, until now. Now, they have the Greenhouse app to their name. Greenhouse started off as an idea that has been in development ever since the past two years, which is something that Complex learn based on their most recent interview with Foot Locker’s CMO, Jed Berger.

For those of our readers who are not in the know on what exactly this app entails, it is going to serve as both a thinktank and a stand alone mechanism to be used to sell exclusive products through. At first glance, it may sound no different than their investments like GOAT, but what separates Greenhouse from the rest out there is that it can also be used as a means for other creatives to connect with each other – sort of like a one stop networking spot – in order to express themselves and distribute their work.

No better way to learn more about the app than to download the thing yourself right here.