Lonzo Ball roasts his Big Baller Brand shoes in new interview

During a podcast appearance with his fellow Pelican, Lonzo Ball talked about how the ZO2s from Big Baller Brand exploded every quarter for him in 2017.

It is no secret that Lonzo Ball still carries a chip on his shoulder over how he split ties with the now infamous Big Baller Brand. As some of you all may recall, it was earlier this year that the New Orleans Pelican had a falling out with his manager after he learned that the man, his father’s best friend, was stealing large amounts of money from Lonzo’s bank accounts. The severed relationship inspired the part time rapper to break away from his dad’s Big Baller Brand for good.

Ever since the split from the big brand, the eldest heir to the Ball brand has been fairly vocal about his early frustrations and beef with the Big Baller Brand. At one point earlier this year, Lonzo revealed that his teammates from back when he was still on the Los Angeles Lakers long suspected that it was the bad shape of the Big Baller Brand shoes that could have caused Lonzo’s ankle injury. Now, Lonzo elaborates even further regarding his own suspicions.

Lonzo was recently a guest on the Light Hearted Podcast, hosted by Josh Hart, who was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans along with Lonzo from the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this year. It was on the podcast that Zo spoke about the shoes he wore that were released and made just for him in 2017 by the Big Baller Brand: the ZO2s.

He spoke about how every time he wore those shoes on the basketball court during games, they would burst faster than Zion’s shoes did during the NCAA tournament this year. In Zo’s words, these shoes would burst just about every quarter of every game and his former manager had a backpack full of shoes to replace them.

Now, we’re just wondering which sneaker brand Zo could sign with next.