Dennis Smith reveals theme of Mortal Kombat x Under Armour kicks

In collaboration with Dennis Smith of the New York Knicks, Under Armour will be releasing a Mortal Kombat related colorway based on Sub-Zero. 

The New York Knicks may have missed out on the NBA Playoffs this year, but at least the team’s point guard, Dennis Smith Jr, has a few exciting prospects on the horizon outside of anything that is basketball related. Instead, while his NBA season is over, he decided to keep himself preoccupied by promoting his latest sneaker endeavor with Under Armour.

Smith has teamed up with Under Armour to release a new sneaker. A sneaker that is set to combine his two of his loves – other than basketball, of course – together all into one epic combo: shoes and Mortal Kombat.

We are mere days away until the latest game in the beloved fighter arcade franchise – Mortal Kombat 11 – drops on Apr. 23. In anticipation for the game’s release, Smith teamed up with Under Armour to craft the Anatomix Spawn, a pair of sneakers based off of the fan favorite Mortal Kombat character known as Sub-Zero. The parties released a special preview for the sneakers recently and Smith actually teased them in a recent tweet.

The New York Knick talked in detail about the shoes and his excitement for their release in a series of tweets, but the one that particularly caught our eye was the one we took the time to link above. It is in this tweet that Smith reveals that the overall theme of the Sub-Zero shoe is based off of his favorite move from the character: Left Hand Hesi. The gamerhead Mortal Kombat fans should get a real kick out of that tidbit. Get it? Kick? KICKS? Okay, that one was bad.

Anyway, these shoes are set to release on Apr. 26, just a few days after Mortal Kombat 11 drops. So after you’ve spent day and night playing the game, go out for some fresh air to your local sneaker shop, but the new Anatomix Spawn and then play the game day and night while wearing them. Sound like a plan?

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