Off-White teases three new colorways from Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh and Off-White continue their partnership, with the brand providing the public with a tease for three new colorways from their latest collaboration.

Our boy Virgil is back at it again with the Off-White brand in tow. We have spent the last month or so reporting on the major designer quite a lot. In the last couple weeks, we have reported about Abloh making a new line of sneakers exclusive for women and working on a leather collab with both Nike and Off-White. Now, Off-White have decided to tease three new colorways in the partnership’s yet to be released Nike Running collaboration.

Virgil already teased one of the colorways as part of his outfit at the Coachella festival. He gave us a better look at the black and pink Nike x Off-White shoe in an Instagram post.

Speaking of Instagram, that is exactly where Off-White decided to preview two more colorways in the upcoming collection. In said Insta post – which can be viewed below – we see the same sneaker that Virgil was donning at Coachella a few days ago. Right beside that shoe is the same one in a white and green colorway. Next to that, we see the shoe again, only this time in a bright green camo colorway. See for yourself.

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Truth be told, all of these colorways are looking pretty swanky. We are looking forward to seeing these hit the market sooner rather than later. As for when they actually do hit the market, we have no idea. As of this writing, Virgil Abloh, Nike nor Off-White have commented on an official release date. We will be monitoring this situation very closely and provide follow-up reports as they emerge.

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