ASAP Rocky almost got his shoe stolen mid-concert

During his performance at the XYLO Nightclub in Manila, Philippines a few days ago, ASAP Rocky nearly had his sneaker taken by someone in attendance.

Welp. People are just getting more brazen and reckless with each passing day. ASAP Rocky would agree.

I hate to be one of those “back in my day” kind of guys, but things were simpler back in my day. You were able to go outside without having to worry about someone just wildly snatching the shoes off of your feet. Well, then again, not really. Robbery has always been a thing. But I’m talking about how you could just sit down, relax and not worry about the person to your left just pulling off your sneaker while you are laying comfortable.

ASAP Rocky learned that such a scenario was possible the hard, awkward way the other night. He quickly learned that anyone could get caught slipping on any given day of the week.

The rapper was just chilling and having a good time at the XYLO Nightclub in the Philippines. Can’t get much better than this. That is, until suddenly someone in the crowd – let’s not call them a fan, because a fan would never do this – casually tried to yoink Rocky’s shoe off of his foot. All while Rocky looked this passer-by dead in his eyes as if he was crazy. Talk about brazen, right?

The whole thing was caught on camera and posted onto an ASAP Rocky fan page, which can be viewed here.

Naturally, Rocky stopped the whole concert and ordered security to find the culprit and escort them out of the building. They did just that. The concert then ended early; ending at 3:00 a.m. instead of 5:00 a.m.

On behalf of the sneaker community, all of us at Under the Laces are disgusted and appalled that someone would try to violate a man of his sneakers so flagrantly. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pretty Flacko’s shoe collection in such a trying time. Hopefully, the culprit’s grimy fingerprints can be cleansed from Rocky’s fresh kicks.

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