Puma Basketball helps fund Jalen Rose’s school

In an interview with and for Complex, Jalen Rose talks about his time as an ambassador for the brand and what they have been up to together in the last year.

One-half of ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby sports talk show currently serves as an ambassador to the Puma Basketball brand. In fact, he was active at last year’s launch event and more recently, Jalen Rose took the time to take part in judging Puma’s King of the Barge tournament this last weekend. The tournament was a dunk content that served as a means to celebrate the brand’s newest basketball sneaker model to hit the market: the Clyde Hardwood.

In addition to the tournament, Jalen took the time to sit down with Complex and talk about his experience with the brand thus far over the course of the last year or so, so far that is.

“To get an opportunity to work with them [has been] just amazing,” Rose said when asked what his role in Puma’s basketball division has been thus far and how he has enjoyed it. He recalls Puma Basketball being very supportive of his endeavors outside of the Puma brand. Namely, the work he has done with the school he has founded.

“Over the last couple of years whether it’s working on Get Up! or Jalen and Jacoby, they’ve done an amazing job of being supportive of the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy,” Rose started to elaborate. “When you’re a founder of a public charter high school, we get zero state funding for our facility, and we don’t get money for athletics or extracurricular programs. For them to sponsor our Fall programs and athletics teams, to give gift cards to honor roll students and staff members, that really helped the morale of an inner city dynamic that appreciates the level of support they continue to provide. I’m forever grateful for the relationship.”

Kudos to Puma for helping Jalen Rose.