Travis Scott assures sneakerheads that he hears us

Travis Scott’s fans were vocal about how hard it is to acquire his sneakers, but the man himself assures us all that he hears us. What it means that he can hear us and what is going to be done now that he hears us remains to be seen.

You know the usual spiel from us when we talk about Travis Scott and his sneakers. King of the Sneaker game since that Grammy thang. We are always talking about the guy.  Yada yada. You know the spiel, but you are not here to hear us regurgitate that same spiel. And if you’re a Travis fan, you are just hard pressed to get a hold of his sneakers.

Yesterday, a Travis fan account called astro.travy posted a post to Instagram echoing the frustrations of fans across the world. “They raise the price double or triple the amount, sell them, and keep the money they made,” they said in their Instagram post. “This process keeps the real fans from getting any shoes at any drop.” These frustrations were heard by millions across the world and several fans agreed on how hard it is to get these shoes. But one of those millions who saw the post was none other than the founder of Astroworld himself.

Mr. Scott appeared in the comment section right under the post where he simply said five simple words: “Ur voice won’t go unheard.” Okay, four words and an incorrectly spelled way to spell “your,” but hey, he must have been busy and needed to type fast.

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While Scott was kind to assure all of his fans that he hears our frustrations, he did not clarify what will be done to satisfy his fans to make these shoes more affordable, and more accessible with less complications. However, if anything new or more concrete emerges from either Nike or Scott, then we will provide updates.