Eric Liedtke is stepping down as Adidas executive board member

Eric Liedtke – who has worked with some of the finest names within the industry (Kanye, Beyonce etc.) has been reported to be stepping down from Adidas as one of the members of their prestigious executive board team, which considering some of the details regarding where he was expected to go be promoted in the near future, it comes as a huge surprise.

For any of those sneaker heads out there who are claiming to be sneaker heads but are not familiar with the name Eric Liedtke, then we suggest you start getting yourself familiar with the man really, really quick.

Liedtke has been employed by Adidas for the past 25 years now. Over the span of almost three whole decades, he has worked with and has been professionally linked with some of the biggest names to ever work with Adidas and the sneaker market as a whole on a global structure. Names like Pharrell, Kanye West, Parley for the Oceans, and even Beyonce. Yes! Beyonce Beyonce! That Beyonce! Given his long, impressive tenure with the company, he has been pegged and primed for a promotion and has been expected to be promoted to CEO at some point. Now, it looks like those expectations are down the drain as he will be exiting the company all together before getting he could get himself promoted.

The man released a statement where he revealed why he will be stepping away from Adidas. The reason was simple: “”Now it’s time to move on to pursue new projects and ventures. It has always been a true honor for me to serve this fantastic company.”

We will provide updates for where Liedtke could take his talents next and who Adidas could replace him with in his positive as executive board member.