Nike accused of cheating to break the Two Hour Marathon record

Sounds like Nike might be a bunch of cheater, cheater, pumpkin eaters. If you are a big swoosh hater, then that statement may not sound like anything new, but what is new is the fact that it has something to do with the two hour marathon that they recently broke.

In case you missed the news that broke down over the weekend last weekend, Nike collabed with runner Eliud Kipchoge to break the prolific two-hour marathon barrier for a campaign known as Breaking2. Not familiar with the famous, two hour marathon barrier itself? Well, too bad, because we are running out of word count and time. Also, we don’t know either, but that is beside the point.

What is the point is that now, a weekend later, news and speculation abound has broke out accusing all parties involved to have cheated to get their desired, record breaking number. According to The Times, there are new concerns suggesting that because Kipchoge and other marathon runners endorsed by Nike wear advanced technological sneakers equipped with springy carbon in the mid soles, people like the Athletics Integrity Unit think that the technology used to make these sneakers could give the runners wearing them an unfair advantage during the marathon.

Interestingly enough, despite the speculation, Kipchoge may still hold the Guinness World Record for having the fastest marathon distance, a distance of 1:59:40, by the way. No word yet on if this record will be sponged completely from the record books or if will continue to be debated in the coming weeks, but we will provide updates as they arise.

Once again, if you care about this report enough that you are dying for future updates, stay tuned for such updates on our website.