Blake Griffin will be playing 2019-20 NBA season in Air Jordan 34

For anyone who was just dying to know what kind of shoes Blake Griffin will be rocking during the 2019-20 season of NBA TV, it will be the Air Jordan 34.

Because his comedy skill is just as strong as his hoop skills (that does not say much, quite frankly, does it?), everyone has their eye on Blake Griffin heading into his next season as a Detroit Piston. This time, him and Andre Drummond will be joined by Derrick Rose (who has been having a tremendous preseason performance so far, to be quite honest) but first, before the official season officially begins next week, Blake was joined by Complex at the Foot Locker Power Store located in Detroit, Michigan.

We briefly touched a bit about what Blake said during the interview in a previous article, but at another point in the interview, he talked about and confirmed which shoe he will be rocking going forward for the latest season of the NBA: the Air Jordan 34. Which, if you have been following Blake Griffin’s career for some time now, you know how much of a surprise this really is given that for the longest time, he rocked Super.Fly sneakers for several seasons. But now, he will be switching up the pace going forward.

When asked by Complex how he felt about the shoes so far and how they feel to ball in, Blake said that these shoes feel great. “I think that the 34 – whatever shoe is new is kind of always the shoe that has been innovative and they’re always trying to do new things with it.,” he elaborated on why he loves the shoe so darn much. “So to step into that shoe is a different feel from the Super.Fly. But it’s been a great transition just getting to wear all this new technology all at once. It’s definitely a different feel, but it’s definitely something that I’ve looked forward to.”

Hopefully, for Blake’s sake at least, these shoes give him a much needed boost on the court to get the Pistons their first NBA Championship in 15 years when this season is over.