Kyle Kuzma inks a deal with the Puma brand

We may not be seeing Kyle Kuzma on the court any time soon, but we will be seeing him as the frontman going forward for Puma after signing with them.

Kyle Kuzma is in something of an unfortunate spot going forward as a basketball player within the National Basketball Association. After some persuading from LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers decided to sans its young initiative in favor of signing proven athletes like Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard. As a result, many of the key figures in the team’s youth movement (i.e. Lonzo Ball) were traded to the New Orleans Pelicans.

The only representative of said youth movement who stuck around was Mr. Kuzma. We like to assume that LeBron decided to save him from being expelled from the team after Kyle put a necklace around his neck, but that was never confirmed. What was confirmed (or at least automatically assumed out of common sense among the NBA community) is that when the new 2019-2020 began this month, Kuzma would be balling among the elite of the organization. That is, until he suffered an unfortunate foot injury that will keep him out of the start of the season. But thankfully, he can nurse that heel with Puma’s best shoes and their sweet money after signing a deal with the brand.

That is right, boils and goils around the world, Sole Collector have confirmed that Kyle Kuzma has signed a five year deal the Puma brand, joining other athletes in the NBA like RJ Barrett, Marvin Bagley III and DeMarcus Cousins as a member of the Puma family.

This is great news for Kuzma as it is something to keep him busy until he recovers from this injury later this season. Hopefully, it leads to him getting some fire kicks in his name as well.