G-Eazy partners up with Puma for a shoe deal

It has now been confirmed that both rapper G-Eazy and shoe brand Puma have formed a partnership that will ensure he gets his own shoes on the market.

You may know him best as the James Dean of the rap game, or maybe you know him as the dude who allegedly cheated on his ex, Halsey (again, that’s ALLEGEDLY, so do not sue us or accuse us of being incriminatory). But very, very soon, you will be calling him one of the key faces of the Puma brand as G-Eazy has now signed a deal with Puma.

During a dinner hosted by Puma at the Rolling Loud Bay Area this past weekend, the news was made public before Gerald (yes, his real name is Gerald and we will continue to refer to him as such) performed onstage. Mind you, the specific details of this deal were made sparse. We do not know how long this deal is for or if Gerald is really a member of the Puma family now along the same lines as RJ Barrett or, as we learned more recently, Kyle Kuzma. This partnership may be just that – a partnership among collaborators.

What we do know, however, is that this deal with afford Gerald with his very first sneaker on a shelf coming near you in 2020. Also confirmed as of now is that the nature of the deal tells that Puma must financially support the rapper’s The Endless Summer Fund nonprofit. This is a nonprofit that closely works with local organizations to support the homeless people and young people within the LGBTQ community. Which, first off, kudos to Gerald for being behind such an important movement.

Also kudos to Gerald for grabbing that Puma bag. We hear there is a lot of money in that bag and we are excited to see what shoes come out of it.