Pharrell and Adidas have a heartfelt surprise drop on StockX

From the bottom of their collective, collab hearts, Pharrell and Adidas decided to drop some surprise shoes over on StockX that ironically are already out of stock.

Just a heads up: this is going to be a post where we try to sneak as many puns about hearts as we possibly can muster up the courage to joke about. We have no regrets. If you are someone without a heart (get it?) who hates puns, you have been warned. Everything beyond this point is going to be punny. Now, on to this whole Pharrell x Adidas thing …

Pharrell and Adidas have always done great work together over the years. But usually, given the platform of both brands (yes, a single man can still be a single brand, especially when they are as big as the guy who founded The Neptunes), they usually let the people know when and where they are going to drop their collab shoes. But on this rare occasion, they decided to drop some surprise sneakers on the StockX app and did so with a hearty chuckle.

These shoes in question were colorways for the Solar Hu Glide and Hu NMD. We say were because they  have already sold out despite no one knowing about the release before the fact. These shoes dropped over the course of this past weekend. Each pair of shoes featured a giant design of a red heart on the toe of the shoe (hence why we felt the need to drop a bunch of heart puns throughout this article, which as you can tell, we already gave up on doing). The shoe itself was all white.

There is no news yet if there is going to be a re-release for anybody who did not get a chance to buy the shoes, but keep up with our updates just in case.