Lebron James unboxes Nike LeBron 17 he was gifted

While the rest of us eagerly anticipate for the Nike LeBron 17 “Future Air” to drop, LeBron James himself is one of the first to get his hands on them for the world to see.

Man, it really pays to have your own name on your own sneakers. Just as LeBron James, who has his name on some of the hottest brand of Nike shoes to come out in recent memory. Of course, we are talking about the Nike LeBron sneakers. As we speak, Nike is prepping to release the next installment of these much beloved shoes – the Nike LeBron 17 – in their latest anticipated colorway – the “Future Air” colorway – that will not be dropping until at some point in September, later this week, actually.

However, a good handful of days before the shoes drop, LeBron actually got himself a pair of these Nike shoes days ahead of schedule as a gift. That is right, a gift. He did not even have to ask for them personally. It is actually surprising that he never bothered to ask for shoes with his name on them to begin with. Maybe that’s swag in that he just does not need those shoes when he is the number one NBA player in the world anyway.

But regardless, they were a gift. As he documented on social media, he received a big giant Nike box. He had no idea what was inside. He had an idea of what could be inside, because obviously, what else could be inside of a Nike box? After going through the hassle of expertly opening the box, he finally opened it to find a pair of Nike LeBron 17 “Future Air” inside.

Be on the look out for these sneakers to come to a market near you on Sept. 27 at a retail price of $200.