An awesome brand remake Adidas x Stan Smith collab

Because of our company’s policy against heavy cursing, we cannot say who exactly this “awesome brand” is, but they remade an equally awesome shoe from Adidas and Stan Smith.

Oh boy, this is going to be the hardest report we ever had to write up. So a skate brand with a very … let’s call it unique, or perhaps vulgar … name has decided to remake a sneaker in collaboration with Adidas Skateboarding based on a more traditional model created by Stan Smith. Now, this brand, the name of it begins with a, um, “F.” And that same “F” word ends with an “ing,” you see? And the second word in its title is literally Awesome. Put two and two together, make three, and you get the “Awesome” name of the brand who’s name we are not legally allowed to say on this website.

Got it? Understand? Good. Now we can move on to the actual juicy bits of this particular news report, such as how this shoe actually looks to begin with.

This collection of Stan Smith x Adidas sneakers paired with the, uh, “Awesome” brand was released on Sept. 21, which as of this writing was just yesterday. They hit the market at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. You can buy these shoes in the *ahem* “Awesome brand’s” location at 6556 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, but if you do not happen to be in the Los Angeles area, well then, you can pick these up online at their website. And surprise, surprise, because of the cursing, we cannot mention the website.

Well, we can mention it by dropping a link right here, but as far as actual name dropping the site, that is a no bueno.

Was this report difficult to decipher because of the difficulty of not naming the brand? Let us know.