The true story behind the Air Jordan 3 Knicks coming soon

Nike will be releasing a new colorway for the Air Jordan 3 coming soon for the New York Knicks that tells a special story of a game against the Chicago Bulls.

The New York Knicks may be in for a big year during this upcoming 2019-2020 season of the NBA season. Granted, this is something that New Yorkers tend to say and think just about every year and wind up getting their dreams crushed every single time. It does not help that their favorite NY team just missed out on signing Kevin Durant this year in what is still being viewed as perhaps the biggest blunder made by any team during the 2019 free agency season.

However, things have been looking brighter than usual for the former 1970 and 1973 NBA Champions, especially ever since they signed NCAA standout and number three overall pick in the NBA draft, RJ Barrett, to their team earlier this year. Speaking of Barrett, he just signed his first sneaker deal with Puma and to capitalize on that success, the Knicks and Nike are releasing a new colorway for the Air Jordan 3 next month. The colorway itself has quite the interesting story attached to it, as far as where the influence for the colors come from.

This colorway is less of a homage to the Knicks themselves solely and more so a homage to their rivals, the Chicago Bulls. At least they were rivals during the Apr. 8, 1988 game between the two teams. It was on this date that Michael Jordan scored a staggering 40 points during the game in order to score a victory for the Bulls over New York.

While the color scheme of the shoes are in honor of the Chicago team, it still sports classic New York royal blue and orange.

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These Air Jordan 3 Retro “Knicks” are dropping on Sept. 14.

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