Michael Jordan has the most valuable sneaker deal in NBA history

As the title says, Michael Jordan has the most financially valuable sneaker deal in NBA history. In other pressing news, grass is still green, folks.

Michael Jordan, over two decades after he hung up his gym shoes with the NBA, is still considered the greatest basketball player in the league’s history. Even stans who hype LeBron James up as the greatest ball player of his generation cannot deny that MJ did it best. “I wanna be like Mike” was a common phrase for so long for a reason and with that phrase in mind, it comes as no surprise that MJ still has the most valuable sneaker deal in NBA history.

The stat comes straight from Forbes, who took the time to break down the most lucrative sneaker deals in NBA history. Jordan tops that list thanks in part to his Jordan Brand with Nike. This fiscal year saw the stock of the Jordan Brand rise to $3.14 billion. Michael Jordan himself takes a $130 million cut from the profits, which makes up a large part of his $1.9 billion net worth.

He also makes, in total, a revenue of $145 million, which is more than any other player in the National Basketball Association currently makes off of sneakers. And that includes LeBron James, who even in filling in the number two spot on the list only makes $35 million on his sneaker deal. Which is not bad, but still obviously pales in comparison to how much Michael Jordan makes. It is also worth noting that Kevin Durant comes in close at number three with $26 million.

Then, Kobe Bryant fills out the number four spot with his $20 million deal. After that, Steph Curry is at number five with $16 million.

Numbers two through five are all pretty close, but just like when it comes to the game of basketball, nobody comes close to MJ.