Nike officially named the eighth healthiest company in the world

As the title points out straight and to the point, Nike is now officially the eighth healthiest company in the world. First off: How, Sway, how?

YouGov BrandIndex – don’t worry, we never heard of them either – ranked the top 25 healthiest companies in the entire world and Nike ranked right up there at numero ocho. For those curious, ahead of the big swoosh were the following companies (in order): Google at number one, then WhatsApp, YouTube, Samsung, Facebook, Amazon, and Ikea. Then, of course, Nike is number eight, and filling out the ninth and tenth spots were, respectively, Paypal and Netflix.

While there were another 15 spots following Netflix, we are going to focus on Nike and talk about how YouGov BrandIndex broke it down themselves. The first question stands: How, Sway, How? Well, here’s how:

YouGov defined these companies as “healthy” under six apropos categories: Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend, and Reputation. Brand longevity and loyalty were also considered, as the report went on to say “While many of the top five have only been around for the last decade or two, classic brands that have been around a good while longer also make the list.”

The study was conducted between Jul. 1, 2018 and Jun. 30, 2019, which coincidentally coincides with Nike’s recent spike in public engagement. So, from the looks of it, YouGov is not considering Nike as a physically healthy space to work at; this is not some sort of public citation or health inspection rankings list.

This is, however, appears to be merely analyzing how healthy Nike and the rest of the big corporations among the list to be as far the strength of its products, its sustainability in the public eye, and how healthy its relationship is with its customers.

By all things considered, Nike really is pretty darn healthy.