Puma plans to continue the sneaker marathon that Nipsey Hussle started

As much as Under the Laces has become a satire site, we’re going to take a step back and talk about Puma and the late Nipsey Hussle collaboration in a serious manner out of respect for a genius and a legend who, unfortunately, is no longer with us. Thankfully, Puma plan to continue his legacy.

The Marathon continues. Saying that feels strange because in light of the late Nipsey Hussle’s passing, it felt like a weird catchphrase that brands were starting to use in order to profit off of his name. “The Marathon” suddenly felt tainted and I struggled to come to grips with that phrase, but now I get it. It really does feel like The Marathon continues. Or perhaps, the Marathon never really ended. It just intensified. His message, in death, is now reaching wider audiences thanks to brands like Puma continuing his legacy.

Nipsey Hussle, in many ways, did a lot of work within the sneaker community prior to his tragic murder. Last summer, he had his own Air Jordans come out. Then, of course, he always did a lot of work with Puma. And interestingly enough, Puma hope to continue that relationship in hopes to support Nipsey’s mourning family.

At a recent Wall Street Journal panel, Puma global director of brand and marketing, Adam Petrick said the following: “Working with him to help build the brand and to support some of the activations that he was doing in L.A. was great. We had a lot of things that were coming, and hopefully a lot of things we will still do with his estate.”

In a follow up on Nipsey’s official Instagram account, which can be seen above, Puma revealed that they will be releasing a sneaker capsule collab in honor of Nipsey Hussle on Sept. 5. They also promise that “100% of the net proceeds from the sales will go to the Neighborhood ‘Nip’ Foundation.”

Good on Puma for this. Big kudos for this. Be on the lookout for these sneakers when they drop a few weeks from now and be sure to buy a pair, if you can, in honor and support for Nipsey’s family.