Joe La Puma goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex contest winner

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, this reaction to this Sneaker Shopping episode on Joe La Puma’s Complex contest winner is old news, but bare with me for a sec.

So, as you may have noticed if you have been following our site loyally for some time now – lol jk, we don’t have any long time consistent viewers, if I’m wrong, EXPOSE YOURSELF – then you noticed than we have been slacking when it comes to reporting about Joe La Puma and his critically acclaimed Complex series called Sneaker Shopping.

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Wish we had a good excuse as to why we have not been reporting on it, like the idea that we slacked off after not reporting on them for their hiatus, but truth be told, our last post about them was their post-hiatus episodes on Quavo and Kyle Kuzma, so there goes our excuse. Ah well. Point is that in an effort to keep track of Juice Wrld’s Sneaker Shopping record, we are going to take some time to try and play catch up by binging their last few episodes and reporting on them in real time, so expect a bunch of random posts from their last few episodes in the meantime until we get to yesterday’s newest episode.

For right now, we are going to talk about their episode documenting their Complex contest winner. You remember the contest, right? For a recap, read this post from us all about it. I could explain it right now, but time is precious and does not need to be wasted. So the long and skinny (pause) of it all is that the winner of said contest was young Ed Mora from Nebraska.

Now, obviously, since Mr. Mora is just a regular dude from Nebraska, he could not spend a crazy amount of money like the average celeb. Instead, Complex paid off his $1,281.48 bill. Still, he came nowhere near Juice Wrld’s unprecedented record. Watch the full episode below.

One down, a lot to go.