Def Jam 35th anniversary celebrated with new Puma collection

Hard to believe that Def Jam has been up and running for an astounding 35 years. To celebrate, Puma is dropping a new Clyde Court.

While everyone was raving this passed weekend about Comic Con (mostly about how Marvel’s weekend show stealing announcements revealing the contents regarding the fourth Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise), Complex was holding ComplexCon. It’s like Comic Con, but with 10x more Complex. Among many things, the Chicago event revealed how they will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Def Jam – with a brand new collection of Puma sneakers.

The infamous and long running hip hop label will be celebrated with a brown and burgundy knit sneaker that will be shipped out with the Def Jam logo stamped across all over each heel, as well as the numbers “1984” – the year that Def Jam officially first opened up shop – embroidered on to each heel pull tab. It was also noted that this will be the first of many collaborations between the two major brands as they will be dropping kicks in honor of the anniversary all year round.

While the shoes themselves pre released at the Con this past weekend, the viewing public who could not attend the show should expect these bad boys to drop on Aug. 28 just over a month from now. When that date does arrive, expect to catch these things on the official Puma website and at select retail stores.

Are you sold on the Puma x Clyde Courts? Will be copping a pair when late August arrives? Let us know whether you dig these things or you don’t. Or, if you are not a fan of comment sections – we don’t blame you, it gets nasty down there – feel free to shoot us a tweet on Twitter or a status over on Facebook.