Adidas x Kanye West to release three new Yeezy Boosts

Adidas x Kanye West have announced plans to release three new Yeezy Boosts over the course of the next month or so.

The collaboration between Adidas x Kanye West have been busy lately. The Adidas x Kanye West team have a lot of plans in store, but much of those plans which we learned recently started with a press release that we received awhile back. Better late than never to talk about it, right?

In that press release, we learned that Adidas and Kanye West will be releasing not one, not two, but three brand new Yeezy Boosts. Those Boosts are the YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 Vanta, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Black and YEEZY BOOST 700 Utility Black.

The Vanta is dropping tomorrow evening on May 31 and at Adidas’s Yeezy site and YEEZY SUPPLY on June 6, 2019. They will drop at a retail price of $300 adult, $180 kids, $150 infants. The Black is dropping next Friday at the same places;  $220 adult, $180 kids, $160 infants. Finally, Unity Black is dropping June 29 at the same retailers at a price of $300.

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So which one of these new upcoming Yeezy Boosts will you be copping one they drop? Between the YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 Vanta, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Black and YEEZY BOOST 700 Utility Black, which one of these are you the most excited to see finally hit the shelves at a sneaker shop near you? Let us know in the comment section below. Or, if commenting below a website thread does not quite strike your fancy, please be sure to let us know either via Facebook or via Twitter.

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