Adidas Originals unveil Consortium LX CON OG

Adidas Originals have recently unveiled a brand new version of the Adidas Consortium: a Consortium LX CON OG sneaker hitting the shelves on June 1.

In a paraphrase of a press release that has been provided to us by Adidas, the Adidas Consortium family has always concerned itself with partnering up with different retailers, and collectives who in their own exact words “exemplify a unique, fearless approach to collaboration. Each new partnership offers up a creative new take on the iconic styles that adidas has developed over the decades. In doing so they shine an entirely new light on the sportswear brand’s high-performance technologies and commitment to craftsmanship.”

Naturally, to continue the latest evolution of their collaborations, Adidas – under their sub-division of the Adidas Originals banner – have unveiled a brand new version of the Adidas Consortium. This brand new version of the Consortium sneaker will now be globally recognized as the Consortium LX CON OG sneaker.

The Consortium harkens back to an original release from 1988 by Jacques Chassaing, the same creator who produced the ZX running shoe series, as well as a latter issue of that sneaker that was reproduced back in 1996. Now, for the 2019 generation, these bad boys are making a comeback and doing so in a big, big way.

Just in time for the summer season, the LX CON OG will be hitting select retail stores this Friday on June 1; that is only just a couple days from now. Expect these shoes to fly off the shelves fast so be sure to be the first folks in line to grab as soon as they come out. They are equal parts throwback and just as much of a modernized innovation.

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