Cactus Jack x Travis Scott wide release info

The “Cactus Jack” Air Jordan 1 from Travis Scott will have a wide release on May 11 with a limited pre-drop taking place this upcoming Tuesday on Apr. 30.

Travis Scott and Nike’s “Cactus Jack” Air Jordan 1 has been in high demand ever since Scott’s performance at the Grammys a couple months back. It was during his performance that his much anticipated Air Jordan 1 collection hit the market unexpectedly as soon as he hit the stage. They were released via the Nike SNKRS app. By time he left the stage five minutes later after his set for his song “No Bystanders” had finished, every single pair of those shoes available had sold out.

Many of Travis Scott’s fans – some of which were too busy enjoying watching his performance live to know that Nike had dropped the Cactus Jacks during it – have been hoping to see another, more wider release of the sneakers drop again. That time is expected to come sooner rather than later as a release date has finally been announced. More recent rumors have suggested that the shoe would be due out later this week on May 3, but now Nike has confirmed that the shoes will, in fact, release on May 11.

For those die hard Travis fans who are especially dying to get their hands on these bad boys enough that they can’t wait another two weeks, fear not. Travis Scott will provide his fans with a pre-release of restock pairs of sneakers that will be available via his social media channels. Further details regarding how to get them on the pre-release have yet to be divulged, but the pre-release itself has been confirmed to be taking place on Apr. 30.

Wherever you get these shoes from, they will be selling approximately at a price of $160 via select retailers and, of course, the Nike SNKRS app.

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